Meet Ashley, Caregiver and Owner!

Ashley Booker was born and raised in Texas. She is a Veteran of the U.S. Army which she proudly served for 10+ years. Ashley can best be described as a “patient busy bee.” She is beautiful, strong, ambitious, driven, outgoing, big hearted, approachable and athletic. Ashley is a dedicated individual who is passionate about helping and caring for others. Ashley is a true servant at heart.

Ashley is a mother of 2, guardian of 1, and influential parental figure for dozens. Ashley loves the Lord, time with family, friends and providing care for children. With the support of her Lord and savior Jesus Christ, Ashley has conquered and overcome many challenges and would like to now share her story in order to save lives.

The greatest achievement you can have in life is preserving your own in order to fulfill your purpose in life to truly be happy and make others happy. You are Beautiful. You are Strong! Ashley Booker

Caregiver and Owner, Mama Meas: A Home Away From Home