Mama Mea’s: a home away from home, warmly welcomes you to our center.

If you’re ready to place your children in an environment where they can be at home away from home; this will be the place for your family. This is a place that you can be sure that your children are comfortable away from home. In our center each child will sleep in their own bed, grow and develop in a relaxing environment. Children will have access to daily living amenities, family support and an environment of familiarities all around. Here your children will receive quality care in a safe and secure environment where we will help your child grow physically, socially and emotionally in today’s society.

There is no need for a tug of war when it comes to influencing our children. Rather let us get on the same side of the rope and pull against the problems that we may be facing when it comes to our childcare needs for our children. Confidence and cohesion will best show our smiling learners that they have all the room in the world to love, live, laugh and grow with our support. At our center we have two key elements that we focus on effective communication and actions of influence.

Our program was developed in order to give parents a peace of mind to attend appointments, events, watch your favorite T.V. show, nights out, weekend getaway, girls night, men’s night, to complete their daily missions, field exercise, task and so much more; knowing that their children are in a safe, comfortable, reliable place that their children will soon be calling  their second home.